billanook primary school entry

A new covered entry to a PS in the foothills of the Dandenongs providing a front door to the school.

aldercourt primary school grade 5 & 6 learning hub

Internal refurbishment of existing classrooms and support spaces to create an open plan teaching space suitable for a new pedagogy the school has adopted.

flindon primary school cola

A polycarbonate structure creating a covered auxiliary learning area linking foundation year classrooms.

rowellyn primary school cola

A series of raking steel and polycarbonate planes creating a junior year covered outdoor area to a BER building for assemblies and teaching programs.

mckinnon & albany rise primary  school sports ovals

A series of projects covering poorly drained grass ovals with artificial turf so the ovals can be used all year round. The new surfaces are used by the schools and by the local community for multiple sports including soccer, AFL, and athletics, and also various games during recess and lunchtime.

fitzroy north primary school inspire spaces

Under-utilised spaces between traditional classrooms were re-imagined as informal learning or ‘inspire’ spaces. Each of the four areas are given a unique identity to encourage students to engage their surrounding environment.