brunswick north west PS

Brunswick North West Primary School’s extensive campus features productive gardens, woodlands, and a wilderness area with a reclaimed billabong. The school integrates these areas into its curriculum through landscape-based activities that teaches children where food comes from, and helps them understand their impact upon the natural environment.


Content Studio was briefed to design a STELA building – focusing on science, technology, environment, library and art. And to redesign the administrative areas and entry to the original school building (circa 1929). The aim was to make the original building more open, transparent, and accessible.


The STELA building houses a library, science and food tech rooms, and a Grade 5 and 6 learning hub. We created learning environments that are connected to the outdoors: the food tech classroom has access to the school’s productive gardens, the library connects to an external amphitheatre, and the upper story collaboration space is linked by a bridge to the original school. The old and the new come together to create a school that is fit for future generations.